Memorandum of Understanding between SADCOPAC and SADC-PF

The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between SADCOPAC and SADC PF was held on 21 February, 2022 at SADC PF Offices in Windhoek, Namibia. The historic exchange of the signed MoU was accomplished by Hon. Warren C. Mwambazi, Chairperson of SADCOPAC and Ms. Boemo Sekgoma, SADC PF Secretary General.

The two Organisation have agreed to conduct annual planning meeting once a year in order to plan implementation of MoU and agree on joint programmes and funding. SADC PF has already indicated the need of expertise from SADCOPAC in terms of oversight of SADC PF funded projects and development of SADC Model Law on Public Financial Management.

Hon. Brian Dube, PAC Chairperson Zimbabwe and Deputy Secretary General as focal technical person on matters related to SADC PF. Since the appointment, the Deputy Secretary General has been attending virtual and physical consultative meetings which were held from April to June 2022.